Work hard, play hard!

By on august 9th, 2014

I met a consultant and I had the chance of sharing some lunches together for the last couple of days. We have touched upon different subjects including business trips, marriage, children, challenges and perks of being a consultant etc.

My humble conclusion was that as a consultant one works hard, but plays hard as well. Extrapolating from his life story, I believe that each and every one of us should do the same. We should work hard, we should aim high, and fulfil most of our career-related dreams. At the same time, we shouldn’t forget that we live only once. We shouldn’t forget that a bit of craziness is not only desired, but it is encouraged.

What I have noticed among my peers is that everybody wants to live an adventurous life, but when it comes down to it, they back down. Some of them invoke financial reasons, others the fact that they are adults now and they don’t have the time to behave childishly. C’mon, guys, we are allowed to be irresponsible from time to time. Once our soul gets old, there is no way back. How to keep it young? I got a very interesting suggestion from one of my colleagues: “Spice up your routine life with an exciting trip in a land that has (a bit of) a dangerous vibe. Do this at least once every 2 years and you will feel alive!”.

I had my fair share of trying new, amazing and adventurous land(s) this year. What should my future project be?

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