Where am I?

By on decembrie 17th, 2014

noideawhereiamI feel like I’m living in a parallel world. Somehow today was the day when all hell broke loose. Nothing really happened, but the whole day I had a zillion thoughts flowing in my head and a zillion feelings running through my body. I felt confused.

Lately I feel like things are changing too fast and I miss the times when I could stay still and reflect for hours. I miss me in my restless days. I miss the days when I felt the sky is the limit. I miss not missing things. I miss the days when I was in a carpe diem mood. I just miss something I don’t have now, something that I have dificulties in explaining or defining.

However, I’m here, in the state where everything is mixed and nothing is really clear. Is it the weather? Is it that time of the year? Is it the people?

What was it that triggered this state?

I’m continously looking back trying to find it and, so far nothing stands out as being a proper cause of my current condition. I guess I just need a break from my daily activities. I assume I need to see some of the people and places from the time when I was entirely sure of who I am and who I want to be.

Probably some confusion is needed now and then in order to take a step back and analyse where you are, to which degree you achieved what you wanted and verify if adjustments are necessary to follow your path.

Now I will take a step back…going on holiday will hopefully help.

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