Russia’s useful idiots

By on mai 10th, 2014

I have read recently an article about Russia’s Western supporters. The article mentions some of the Western intellectuals that had a soft spot for Russia. You can find it here.

I was literally puzzled that there were so many people in the West who have respected, admired and were faithful followers of Russia. In general, I have also a soft spot for this country. A fact that may be explained by me being a Soviet-born person and being raised in a country where I was forced by circumstances to get acquainted with the Russian language and culture.

However, it is unimaginable that someone who grew up in the West can have such strong affection towards Russia, especially for Russia’s external politics regardless of which century we refer to. In my humble opinion, nobody today should agree with what Russia is doing in Eastern Europe. Surely, I don’t want to see Western politicians consenting to Putin’s proposals to create a pseudo-Soviet Union from the ashes of the old one.

At the same time, I have an acquaintance on Facebook. She was born in Ukraine and was raised in one of the Baltic countries. She is close to my age, had studied at some point in Denmark and lives now in Italy. One can say that she is definitely a person that has interacted with a world where the information flows freely and where people can speak their mind. Additionally, she benefited from everything the EU stands for: free movement, democracy, security, and liberty of choosing how to think. The young generation in Ukraine had to fight for hoping to have this world at home. A world that she took for granted.

However, looking at her facebook wall, I can’t wonder what went wrong? She shares a lot of articles about Russia and its game in Ukraine. What’s improper with this, one might ask? Well, the majority are from the Voice of Russia newspaper which is heavily used by the Kremlin to brainwash its readers. The information presented by this paper is so inaccurate that I feel treated as a stupid and uninformed person every time I read anything written by its “journalists”. One might suggest that maybe she wants to present both interpretations of the issue. Well, her comments clearly show her enthusiasm about Russia’s actions towards not just Ukraine, but all the countries in the Eastern Partnership.

At the end of the day, my questions are: how did this happen? What made her look towards Russia’s post-Soviet agenda with such great admiration? How did she become one of Russia’s useful Western idiots?

P.S. Please don’t interpret this text as me being a huge supporter of the Western countries and their foreign policy strategy. However, if I were to choose between one evil and another, I will always pick the lesser one.

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