Learning how to fly: nature vs. nurture

By on ianuarie 25th, 2015

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of a situation and I feel people are staring at me. It takes me a couple of seconds until I figure it out that they expect an answer from me to a question that I don’t want to respond. I prefer having my peace in the very little world I created around me.

I like not giving explanations every time I make a decision or I take an action. I already think too much before I act on something. I don’t want to be questioned by anybody just because this is considered to be a default. I fight the so-called standards as long as they don’t define me.

I’m afraid, but I’m courageous. I’m a piece of the puzzle. I’m all and nothing. I refuse to play by the book. I never close the doors behind me. Involuntary, I leave people wondering if I miss something to feel complete. As of recently, I found out that people perceive me as a person that doesn’t have strong opinions about the things happening around me. Trying to guess why this is the case, I came up with a very simple explanation. I accept everyone’s beliefs and wishes as long as nobody is forcing his on me. Therefore, I have no strong urges to impose my personal ideas/views. Additionally, I never express an opinion unless I have studied the subject. I guess for this attitude I have to blame academia and the fact that I dislike people that form an opinion out of thin air. Clearly, I’m a science person.

Since day 1, life is all about learning and developing. In the begining, we have our parents to guide us and teach us the dos and don’ts. Further, we have an entire system that was created to offer us the opportunity of a wider and brighter future. Then we should have the tools to explore the world we are living in. In the process, we learn that if we can pay attention to others, we may learn from their life experiences. In a way, witness a different life without getting out of bed.

Learning from others’ mistakes has its perks, but also it has its disadvantages. I skip some steps in the development process assuming that I will reach faster and easier my final station. Is that indeed better? Do I really save some time to invest in something else? Or am I just losing the sight of me? I don’t have an answer. The only thing I know for sure is that I’m learning how to fly and how to conquer this world bit by bit. With or without help, I’m on my way to an adventure and I’m open to explore. Life is what I make out of it. Let it be great then!

If I live or if I die, it’s surely all up to me.

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