Did you try anything new lately?

By on octombrie 30th, 2014

Do you know what we have now compared to our parents? We have opportunities! We have the liberty of choosing what we want to do. We have the possibility to be entirely ourself and still make it work. We don’t need to convince anybody about anything. However, we need to always keep in mind our goal.

It is perfectly fine to have a purpose in life. It doesn’t matter what is that, as long as you are happy and you feel accomplished. But we should always remember that we should not restrain our goal. We should always adjust it as we go. Don’t be conservative, because you will miss on chances. It is as simple as that!

When I was in my early teens I always imagined that by now I will have a child. I believe I had that vision because I could easily see myself having a proper family rather than a proper career. And no, it wasn’t because I wasn’t ambitious. I just weighted more having a husband and a child than a career. In the meanwhile, I grew and found new angles of myself and I decided that they are interesting to develop. Consequently, I focused my attention elsewhere keeping though an eye on my initial goal which had to be updated to comprise the new aspects.

Where do I stand now relative to my initial goal? Well, I’m not married and I’m not particularly interested in achieving this status. This is purely because marriage per se would not really change my current life. At the same time, I believe that I’m not prepared to be a parent yet either. Somebody might argue that I will never feel prepared which might as well be accurate. Somehow though, I feel that I still have some time left to get there.

Therefore, I’m focusing my attention on the other parts of my life goal. One of the things I have under my radar for the time being is my career. I’m developing my career because I have the chance and the time to learn from so many interesting people. Just yesterday I dined sitting next to 2 very famous gentlemen, the Captain and the Chief Engineer of the glorious vessel, Mærsk McKinney-Møller. Fantastic guys that had some good stories to share and, at the same time, were happy to answer questions coming from a rookie in the industry (i.e. myself).

If it is one thing I learned lately is that nobody expects you to know everything, but they expect you to dare and ask. Be genuinely interested in what you are doing! Don’t wait until you fell 120% comfortable to share an idea or to challenge a standard! Try new things as they come and believe it or not, you will see a change which will help you achieve everything you dreamed of right from the beginning. It is all a matter of perspective, remember that!

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